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I don't understand some of the terminologies used

Some terminologies you should note:


This refers to where you have access to your MTN airtime and it is made up of features that will enable you manage your airtime efficiently.


A user does the actual recharging of the MTN number. A user can create a phonebook and recharge many MTN numbers, as long as their is airtime in the account.


The administrator manages the Corporate, Retail and Sub-dealer accounts. An administrator is respective to an account and controls the creation and deletion of users as well as the allocation of airtime.


Upgrading an account is to allocate airtime for the user or the main account. The main account is also the administrators account. Upgrading therefore can be on different levels.


This is to reverse all or an amount of airtime that has be credited to the account.


This is to recharge any MTN number from your user account.


A voucher represents the airtime in the form of a PIN that must be loaded by the recepient.


This involves all activities related to the purchase of airtime.

Account center

The account center is similar to a control center. This provides the user will all activities and major functions in the account.